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"Providing the Elite standard of student care for over 15 years."

What Our Partners Say:

"All I can say is incredible! We have never seen service and care like yours at Elite. You have truly raised the standard of service we've come to expect."
- D. Burkill (Head of Student Life)

Our Policies

Elite Student Protection partners with TuGo Canada.

This unique partnership brings a tried and tested network of support for all of our covered students.

Partnering with TuGo enables an assistance and claims process that is supported across multiple languages with a true understanding of how demanding student travel requirements are becoming. With dedicated claims and account managers your community is never left in the dark. Period.

Elite's policies provide peace of mind for your students, with industry leading coverage, service and limits, the question of "what if" rarely gets asked. 

With Elite, the hard part is done, all that's left to do is enjoying your time, however it's defined.

The Elite Effect...

... is a combination of added benefits that come with partnering with us. Some of these include;

  1. Custom claims processes that will make it easier than ever for foreign students to file a claim. Including direct billing and dedicated claims managers per school. 

  2. Contact Sports and Extreme Sports & Activities: students like to go extreme and we understand that. At Elite we offer coverage tailored to you. 

  3. Comprehensive products with competitive pricing. 

  4. COVID-19 coverage included. 

  5. Mental Health & Telemedicine Solutions available. 

  6. Dedicated account managers who are available 7-days a week for your community. Industry leading service and care. Always.


Truly Unique

Not one student is alike, so why should your community be treated any differently? 

Elite takes a truly unique approach to understanding your community and it's needs. 

Elite Student Protection offers its academic institutions, Athletic teams, Academic Clubs and many more, the best possible protection for their student insurance needs. No matter where they roam, for how long, or their budget, Elite can help and WILL support. 

Our strict student-comes-first approach continues to put us at the forefront of student protection. 

To find out more, contact us now!

We'll be in touch shortly!

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