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The Importance of Professional Services

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

It's all too common for independent schools and Universities to be faced with injuries caused by athletics or extreme activities. What's not commonly asked, is how does appropriate coverage apply to rehabilitating an injury afterwards? How much will it cost? And what network of medical support do we use?

According to a 2018 study by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, injuries sustained by students from recreational activities and competitive sports continue to rise. Not so surprisingly, most, if not all, competitive sports have the highest risks of injury.

At Elite we understand accidents happen and believe coverage shouldn't just protect the injury but should support recovery after.

Many traditional policies leave the students and the parents out of pocket and frustrated with 3rd party providers for after injury care. Through our partnership with TuGo, Elite supports our partnered schools and students by providing in-network support and direct billing to allow the student to focus on recovery. The new standard of support and care truly has arrived.

Elite's promise of providing not only thorough coverage in the event of an accident but support in the recovery phase truly sets us apart from our competitors. Elite by design has always been student focused, period. Which is why our international inbound policy comes with, as standard, industry leading coverage in medical support after an injury. With 8 professional medical services, ranging from athletic therapy to physiotherapy, no matter the injury or support needed, Elite can and will help.

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