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Elite's Telemedicine connected by Maple.

Over the past year, healthcare in Canada, particularly as it relates to primary care visits, has vastly shifted. In March - July 2020 compared to the same four months in 2019, in-person visits to a doctor’s office declined significantly while virtual care increased 56 times, making up 71.1% of primary care visits.

Today, accessing healthcare online has become as normal as shopping online. People have adopted this new form of care due to its ease and accessibility from the comfort of a patient's home. This shift from seeing a doctor in-person to online through a phone, tablet, or computer is indicative that patients want to have healthcare at their fingertips – in minutes.

Students, like many Canadians this past year, have experienced physical and mental health decline. From adjusting to remote learning and socially distancing from their social circles, students have not had the health support they needed. This includes access to healthcare as well as continuity of care.

A study conducted during April and May 2020, during the first wave of the pandemic, reveals that 56% of Ontario high school students reported concern for the future, 55% reported an increase in loneliness, 43% an uptick in stress, and 38% a rise in anxiety. However, only 4% of students reported they had connected with a mental health professional to cope during the first wave of COVID-19. This is an indication of the gap that exists between mental health concerns and mental health support.

The benefits of visiting a doctor or mental health practitioner online is why we’ve proudly partnered with Maple, Canada’s leading virtual care provider to improve healthcare accessibility for students, from coast to coast, by pushing the boundaries on healthcare with Elite’s Telemedicine, connected by Maple.

Students are the leaders of tomorrow and at Elite Student Protection, we’re here to support their health and well-being. A great virtual care experience for students comes with being able to navigate an easy-to-use, intuitive platform. With Maple, students are able to use a platform that is accessible and comprehensive for various health needs ranging from physical to mental health support.

With a Canadian-wide network of providers, students can connect with a doctor located in the same province in under five minutes, 24/7, 365. Maple’s secure electronic record keeping allows for both patients and providers to share information as needed for assessments, diagnoses, treatments, and prescriptions at the right stage for continuity of care .

With Maple, students have the option of picking up their prescriptions at a pharmacy conveniently located to them or have it directly delivered to their door. Bilingual support is available and services include but are not limited to: seeing a Canadian-licensed general practitioner, numerous specialties ranging from mental health, dermatology, chronic illness management and more. Maple is wherever and whenever your students are.

Maple is your students’ go-to. Interested in how Elite’s Telemedicine, connected by Maple can benefit your student community?

Visit Telemedicine to learn more.

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